Saturday, November 30, 2013

All in Moderation

Fitness is all about moderation. We all know that -- in our heads. Actually translating that into our lives is a little trickier. When I was in college, I got into running. I mean I was running every day or I felt like I was going to burst! I felt powerful and slim, but when I tried to add toning exercises at that time, I realized I still wasn't strong. Fast-forward a year later and I hardly ever run. Instead, I've taken to lifting weights with my boyfriend. Leaving cardio for weight-training, I can safely say I've gone from one extreme to the other. I now feel stronger and more capable than ever, but I don't feel slim anymore.

Before I go on, let me clarify what I mean here. Weight lifting has certainly not made me bulk up. And as far as its calorie burning qualities go, studies have shown that lifting heavy weights has an incredible after-burn that can even compete with exercises like running. However, lifting weights isn't giving me the light, lean feeling that running did. This week, I'm going to try something I've never been good with: moderation.

I fully intend to keep lifting weights. It's a fun, healthy way to spend time with my man, plus weighted bar squats do amazing things for your quads and glutes. But in addition to lifting weights, I'm going to go on at least two 3 mile runs. If you're like how I was back in college, all cardio all the time, maybe it's time for you to give weights a try. Here is my current arm work out, although I'd like to have those weight numbers go up soon. Let me know what you think!

Until next time!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Trying to write a book is amazing. I'm suddenly acutely aware of my own writing weaknesses. Here is what NaNoWriMo has taught me so far:

1. I only write what I know.
2. Writing in third person feels unnatural to me.
3. If you've ever hurt me, you're probably in my book.
4. I enjoy writing scenes. Putting together a plot? Not so much.
5. Perfectionism doesn't really help the first draft process.

Back to working on my word count!