Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello, March!

Hello friends,
I have a confession: I went back to using shampoo two days early. I know, I know. The thing is, I've been despising my hair lately so I decided to get highlights. I asked a friend for a recommendation and she told me to check out Euphoria Salon. I am in love! Not only was a greeted with a mimosa almost as soon as I walked in, but the entire staff is welcoming and has gorgeous hair. In addition to my highlights, I got a shampoo and treatment to restore moisture to my hair. Unlike my last hair cut experience when I was lectured on how damaged my hair is, the awesome lady, Caitlin, who lightened and treated my hair was understanding and encouraging about the damage my hair has withstood from over processing and heat. I will definitely be going back!

To wrap up my no-shampoo journey, let me just say that it has its perks. I definitely noticed that my hair didn't need to be washed as often once it adjusted. It was also incredibly soft and full for the last week. However, my hair also suffered a lot of breakage over the past month. If you're thinking about trying the no-shampoo trend, make sure you limit your styling. I kept right on straightening my hair every day and I'm paying for it.

In a complete 180, I'll now be using Redken Extreme for the month of March. Here's to hoping for healthy hair!

Until next time,

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