Monday, August 4, 2014

Are We Sure These Aren't Pajama Pants?

I've been seeing a lot of flowy trouser pants lately. I'm still almost positive this trend began as a mistake when someone decided to wear her Aztec print pajama pants in public and some brilliant person thought, I bet we can make money off this idea of cute comfort. Well I'm on board!

My first pair (of many, I have a feeling) came from H&M (similar here). I bought them on Florida's tax free weekend and got a 15% off teacher discount! So basically, the most comfortable trendy pants I own right now cost me about $14. These trousers have an elastic waist and would work well with a tucked in shirt and a belt for a dressier look; however, I prefer the un-tucked sheer shirt for a laid-back feel.

I somehow left my camera at my mom's house, so these two pictures are brought to you by my Iphone. Enjoy!

And here's a picture of my adorable husband when he was helping me take detail shots of my bracelets. Isn't he cute?

What are your thoughts on this trend? Do you think this look is classroom appropriate? Share your thoughts by leaving me a comment!
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