Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No Shampoo Week One Wrap-up

As you may recall, week one ended on Saturday...but so did the due date for an assignment in the Monday night tortu--class I'm taking. But I'm sure you'll forgive me and read my update anyway, right?

The good news is that washing with baking soda and conditioning with apple cider vinegar doesn't leave my hair smelly. Actually, my hair has never had such an absence of scent. It's just clean and scentless. The first couple washes I definitely overdid the vinegar because my hair felt a bit oily, but by the third wash I'd figured out to only dip the ends of my hair into the vinegar mixture.

The best way I can describe my hair so far is thick. It's like every strand has been thickened. The pro of this thickness is my hair looks healthier. The con is that my hair is WILD while it dries. Once it's dry I've been smoothing the oh-so-tiniest dab of coconut oil on the ends to calm it down. All the blogs I've read about this process say there is a 3-4 wash honeymoon phase and then a terrible transitioning period. I'd say I'm there. Last Tuesday I was ready to call everyone in my phone book and sing the praises of leaving shampoo. My hair was softer, shinier, and I was in love. Now, my hair is a little..weird. Like in The Vow when the girl says her hair is weird. That's my hair. It gets strange waves after I straighten it, it won't lay smooth when I twist my bangs back, and it sticks out in a million directions in a ponytail. But I'm not giving up!

Hopefully I'm in the worst of the no shampoo process. If not, don't judge my bad hair month.
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