Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Teacher Fashion

Hey friends!
Dressing the part of a teacher is tough. We live a constant struggle between the desire to look cute and the need to be comfortable. In addition to that, we have to deal with comments such as, "wow you look like a teacher today...no offense." which can only be taken offensively. I know that teachers are not exactly trendsetters for the most part, and I believe that's mainly because teaching kids is exhausting, difficult to do in heels, and often a messy task. Even so, I like to remind myself that looking good makes me feel better about myself which in turn gives me more confidence to teach with authority. That being said, I was really pleased with my outfit today so I figured why not share it?

This weekend I was feeling congested, so instead of going to the gym, I went shopping. I haven't been to Old Navy in years (literally) so I was shocked to find a dress and denim jacket that I loved. I paired those items with some strappy wedges and a statement necklace to create the outfit I wore to work today.
I've provided the links to the dress and jacket, but unfortunately the necklace from Kohl's couldn't be found.

--Dress--Denim Jacket--A Similar Necklace

I hope you like it!

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