Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Liar with a Good Excuse

It's true; I lied. Remember forever ago when I promised to post pictures of my teacher outfits? Clearly that never happened, but I promise I have several good reasons.
1. I look best at the start of the day before my clothes wrinkle...which also happens to be the time of day I don't have a photographer.
2. I took a nap after work every day last week.
3. Every day has been a bad hair day. I know. Crazy.

Please forgive me for being a liar. Thank you!

Subject change: hot yoga! Today I was thinking to myself, "Stephanie, you need to stop napping and start working out again." I looked on my gym's website and was unimpressed by the class selection, and then it hit me: hot yoga! That's what I feel like doing! That's the stretch I need to relieve teacher-neck (a chronically sore neck from looking down at books, papers, and tiny 7th graders)! I decided to call my favorite Hot Yoga studio just to see if there were any specials not listed online. Sure enough, when I explained my situation to the owner, she offered me a discounted monthly rate since I'm a teacher! So starting today, I'm back in the game. Maybe I'll even post an outfit this week to celebrate!

Until next time!

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