Friday, August 9, 2013

Personal Health and Fitness

Although this post isn't about fashion, I feel like I should tell you that I'm currently wearing ballet flats and socks. Don't worry, I agree with you that this is not okay! I'm hoping that by following this handy tip I found on Pinterest (break in new ballet flats with socks and a hair dryer) that when I wear these shoes to school, I won't come back with bloody feet.

The thing I really want to talk about today is health and fitness. All through college I was told that the first year of teaching is the hardest because I would be sick all the time. Whenever I heard this I would want to roll my eyes because I was one of the healthiest people I knew! I never got sick! I never missed work! I would be the exception. Well, I was wrong. From December to June I was sick 70% of the time. If it wasn't a cold, it was strep. If it wasn't strep, I had allergies. And if you think about it, the reason is pretty clear. If you take an adult, even a healthy, young adult, and put her in a classroom with germy 7th graders, stale air, no sunlight, and limited access to water or bathroom breaks, obviously you'll end up with a sickly shell of a woman. Okay, that's a bit dramatic, but I really was sickly.

This week, I have been paying special attention to my health. I'm always mindful of my nutrition and exercise, but it's a lot easier to be that way during the summer when my schedule is governed by my extremely part-time job. Once school begins again, starting with in-service time next week, I will have to be much more diligent about making time to work out and eat right.

This week I have gone a little out of my comfort zone to research different workouts and find which will work for me. I lifted with my boyfriend and again with my brothers, I ran and did pilates, and I took a hot yoga class. I love lifting, but once I'm back on my teacher schedule, my gym buddies and I won't be able to work out together. So, in addition to being conscious about what I'm eating, I am counting on these three steps to keep me in work and out of the doctor's office.

1. Juicing
I have a Breville Juice Fountain which I received as a graduation gift (thanks mom!) and I couldn't be more thrilled with it! Juicing is a tasty way to fill your body with more essential vitamins and nutrients, but juicing can also be expensive and time consuming. My secret to getting the most out of juicing is to wash and prepare the fruits and vegetables ahead of time. Now, instead of needing to wash and cut everything, juice, and clean the machine (a 10-15 minutes process for all), I now reach into the fridge and pull out my prepared ingredients, making this a quicker task! Since I started doing this I have been juicing twice as often! Maybe my next post will be yummy juice recipes.

2. Tea
My mom introduced me to Maté tea and she swears by it! My mom honestly never gets sick and she's convinced that this tea is the reason why. It contains caffeine which is a bonus for me, but it also has antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and other wonderful things. Read about it here while you enjoy a glass!

3. Relaxing Exercise
Don't let my third point fool you; I'm not talking about taking a stroll once a week. When I am stressed, I find that going for a run outdoors or taking a hot yoga class can really zap calories while giving me somewhere to channel my energy.

If you have a health or fitness idea that you'd like to share, please comment below! I love to hear what other people do to stay in shape and feeling great!

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